Leão Teixeira Institute

“1994 was the starting point of longtime dream to open a project helping children in need. The initial idea to bring the project into our own school to give kids an opportunity to experience a reality that they unfortunately would rarely have the chance to experience was an important step to take and today I am positive that this was the best way.

The daily contact of the students from the social project alongside all the other school students proved to be a really good and direct way of social inclusion through the process of sports practice and education and also an excellent opportunity for those youngsters. Helping with their upbringing so they can grow up with dignity, good caracter and moral values.

The interest demonstrated by everyone related to the project and the great demand of people wanting to enroll their children coming from other poor environment made us structure the project as it is nowadays establishing new partnerships with collaborators and sponsors.
I always believed that Jiu-Jitsu could give me everything I wanted in life and to live teaching this art is a privilege and I have to thank God and all of my friends that have always supported me through the years.
The idea to create a social project benefiting disadvantaged children is the opportunity to give something back for all Jiu-Jitsu and life has given me.

To all of those who collaborated since the beginning of all my projects my sincere acknowledgments and to you all I dedicate my respect and admiration.”
Leão Teixeira

*If you’d like to know more about our project go to the link – ‘Social Project’ and if you desire to participate as one of our collaborators send an e-mail to: administrativo@jiujitsuescola.com.