Course for Instructors

The Lessons are composed of 20% theory and 80% practice. They encompass the technical programs of Self-Defense and Sportive Jiu-Jitsu, coming from 26 years of experience.

Our aim is to teach organizational and teaching strategies for youngsters from 03 to12 years of age.
The classes will be divided into Modules I and II, each presenting important techniques for ages 3-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

Specific teaching abilities encompassing learning techniques for each age-bracket. Organizational strategies on how to divide classes into groups striving for a higher degree of discipline, a better spatial understanding and adequate rhythm; all very important for successful lessons…

How to develop better communication strategies with the students and parents. Informational materials, contracts, letters to the parents and how to organize annual schedules.

Teaching strategies and motivational techniques: Training schedule, internal ranking, theory tests, ranking challenges, practical evaluation and graduation.

The course is open to all higher-level students (brown and black belts) and also instructors referred by their Professors. The schedule will be sent to you by e-mail on the week that the course will take place. All participants will receive the courseware and a diploma.

March 2 – 4 – Brasília.
April 6 – 8 – Rio de Janeiro.
July 20 – 22 – São Paulo.
November 09 – 11 – Belo Horizonte.

Brasília – Centro de Treinamento Barreto de Jiu-Jitsu. CRS 507 Sul, Bloco C.
Rio de Janeiro – Leão Teixeira Jiu-Jitsu Escola – Rua dos Oitis nº 20 – Gávea.
São Paulo – Academia XCoach – Av. Santo Amaro, 294 – Vila Nova Conceição.
Belo Horizonte – Academia FitFight – Rua Alberto Cintra – 131 – União.

Participants will receive the program of all activities with the specific times for each on the week in which the course will take place. Our course is divide into 03 days with a total of 14 hours.

Master Leão Teixeira – Coral Belt 7º degree – IBJJF

Paid in full up to a week, before the official date of the course. Minimum of 10 participants.

Course in:
– Brazil R$ 1.500,00
– UK £ 800,00
– USA and other countries $1.100,00

+55 (21) 98306-7206 / e-mail:


Fill out the form below. Wait for a confirmation by e-mail and the bank note to finish the enrollment process With the bank deposit option the enrollment will be confirmed upon proof of the transaction.

Banco Bradesco
Agencia 1785
CC: 5742-8
CNPJ: 023.891.178/0001-75

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