In recent months, the Leão Teixeira Jiu-Jitsu School has presented a new concept and, through a Digital Platform, we seek to maintain the new daily reality with what has always been the best in our relationship: healthy living, present in our classes and training in jiu-jitsu.

In this Digital Platform, starting in June, we will be implementing new activities where you and your family members can access, our classes and proposals without leaving your home.

Training in jiu-jitsu has always taught us that through adversity we must prepare and grow in search of new paths, to move forward better and stronger.

Our proposal is to maintain the same quality and excellence as always, offering all our students the conditions to continue training and exercising safely at home.

It is clear that these new changes are here to stay, and we at EJJLT understand that the Digital Platform is a new concept that will add a lot to all of our work, even when we return with our classroom classes.

So why wait for this moment, to participate in everything we are innovating?

Sign up today by clicking here, activating your account on the digital platform and become a member of our team again, enjoying all the benefits we are offering at this moment.

We will continue to keep our free classes on Zoom on Saturdays, and the video-lessons already available on our YouTube channel.

Any suggestions or questions, please contact us through our service channel.

So we hope to be able to contribute with everyone, and soon be together again.