We are entering another week of official recess, decreed in order to help prevent the spread of COVD-19.

Due to this scenario, we are organizing  a schedule for the entire month of April of on-line classes, that will be made available to you through our you-tube channel. We are happy to announce that there will be activities for all of our students! For both Juvenile, Adults, and children.

The exercises proposed for children are being developed in a manner that parents and guardians are to take part, so that the whole family can participate!

We are planning every thing with the upmost dedication and care, as we always do.

So lets get started!

> Every monday, wednesday and saturday we will upload new videos to our channel on youtube: youtube.com/leaoteixeirajiujitsuescola;

> Every tuesday and thursday at 5 pm, interactive lives at our Instagram @leaoteixeirajjescola. with Master Leão Teixeira and a guest student. > Whatsapp and email updates on every upcoming activity.

> We’ll also have a raffle too! and its very easy to participate:

After completing an activity, post your video on your social media and send us a feedback by tagging @leaoteixeirajjescola, dont forget the hashtags #jiujitsuescola #leãoteixeira #estamostodosjuntos.

All students that take part of the on-line training will continue to score points for the internal ranking, and as soon as classes return, we will hold a surprise raffle with the top scoring students.

So don’t stop posting the pictures of you doing the classes and tagging our IG account together with the hashtags.

So lets do this!