Leão Teixeira Jiu-Jitsu School developed an unique ranking system for their athletes based on the evaluation of the instructors, the performance on competitions and on the regular classes.

The main objetives of the ranking are:

Offer the students (and parents) a constant evaluation of their performance.

Announce very clearly the criteria of the evaluation system; stimulate improvements on individual performances.

Recognize and praise effort, dedication and the student’s merits


The established basic point system for the beginning position of the ranking is as follows:

1o  place  –   1000 points                      7o  place  –  400  points
2o  place  –     800 points                      8o  place  –  350  points
3o  place  –     700 points                      9o  place  –  300  points
4o  place  –     600 points                      10o place  –  250  points
5o  place  –     500 points                      11o place  –   225 points
6o  place  –     450 points                      12o place  –   200 points

Leão Teixeira Jiu-Jitsu School initiates the ranking using a chosen base score equal for all students that partake of the Graduation Ceremony.


The athletes will gain and loose points as they partake on the following activities:

Performance on tournaments and championships, direct combats within the School, effort during classes, technical evaluations, partaking on events promoted by the school and social sportive conduct.

The criteria of earning points will be as listed by activity:

Performance on tournaments and championships:

Leão Teixeira Jiu-Jitsu School will partake of the Oficial State and National Circuit of Championships on the categories of 10 years-old and over. The athletes will earn points according to this criteria:

Cups and Tournaments Championships
Participation – 25 points Participation- 50 points
Victory/fight – 20 points Victory/fight – 40 points
3o place – 75 points 3o place- 150 points
2o place – 150 points 2o place- 300 points
1o place – 250 points 1o place- 500 points

Internal Challenges

Internal Challenges will take place within the School branches organized by the instructors once every three months, always at the end of the last week of the trimester. At the beginning of the last month of the trimester each student will have the chance to partake three times on each challenge (Sportive Jiu-Jitsu / King of the Hill). The students can challenge better placed athletes on the ranking once a trimester and shall inform the reception who they would like to challenge. It will be permitted only one challenge per trimester per student. In case an athlete receives multiple challenges during the same period of time the higher ranked student’s challenge shall prevail. In case of an odd number for ranked students within a certain bracket the direction of the School may open an exception and permit that an athlete accepts more then one challenge per trimester, by doing so it prevents an athlete from not-partaking on as challenge due to a lack of opponents.

The challenges will be permitted only between the following positions within the rank:

From 5º to 1º placed
From 8º to 4º placed
From 12º to 6º placed

Points Table:
Victories over:
1º placed = 250 points 2º placed = 200 points
3º placed = 175 points 10º placed = 60 points
4º placed = 150 points 11º placed = 50 points
5º placed = 125 points 12º placed = 45 points
6º placed = 100 points 13º placed = 40 points
7º placed = 90 points 14º placed = 35 points
8º placed = 80 points 15º placed = 30 points
9º placed = 70 points 16° placed = 25 points

75% or more of frequency per trimester = 75 points
65 to 74% of frequency per trimester = 65 points
64 a 50% of frequency per trimester = 50 points

Technical Evaluations
The punctuation obtained through the technical evaluations will be defined
by the School’s instructors according to the level of difficulty required by the exam.
Participation on events
The events put together by the LTJJ School will also allow the students to accumulate points towards the rank. It will be to the discretion of the school the amount of points given due to partaking on the events and it’s numerous possible ways to generate points.

The conduct of the athletes in competition, and also outside of it, will also be evaluated thought the principles that guide the Jiu-Jitsu practice, an activity that aims to stimulate moral virtues, specially linked to social behavior of the individual. Like so, any behavior that is perceived by the school as dishonorable will result in a loss of 200 points from the rank.
In case of a relapse the School may consider stronger forms of punishment.